Developer Portal

Second Star

Second Star Engine started out as way to port some legacy multiplayer games originally built with shockwave but grew into a concept of an engine that could do that, but much more.


For Hobbiests

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface that streamlines the game making process for even entry level game designers and hobbiests.
  • Easy to use tools that help you package, host, deliver, update and manage your games.
  • Use graphics or sound assets and script extensions built by other creators in the commmunity to extend your games.
  • Instructive user-guides and examples to help you get started in porting your existing FSO game or creating something new.
  • No cost solution to building your own multiplayer worlds with absolute ease.

For Developers

  • Powerful tools that enable the import of custom graphics, sounds, video and other assets to use in your games.
  • Comprehensive scripting language based on the ECMA 262 standard that allows great flexibility on both the client and server by opening access to internal API's.
  • Profiling tools in order to debug and diagnose code or performance issues.
  • Leverage 32 bit or 64 bit bytecode to publish your applications for macOS or Windows. More operating systems and devices are coming soon.

For Content Creators

  • Handy tools to build extensions that contain custom features beyond the engines basic user-friendly environment with custom assets and DimensionScript and distribute them other second star developers for free or for a fee. It's up to you.
  • Level-building tools that enable creators to design and distribute maps, levels, spritesheets and other useful content.

DimensionScript usage

Developers familiar with JavaScript should be able to easily adapt to DimensionScript:

	        public function TestBar(bar:String):void {
	            bar = bar;

	        public function foo(... pairs):Array {
	            return pairs;